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Complaint about SMOK devices 510 Connectors

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I just wanted to write up a post and say that I am for one complaining to SMOK tech about the horrible job they are doing with the 510 connectors on all of their mods. I have had to take apart countless SMOK mods and repair those horrible press-fit brass retaining rings that are supposed to somehow stand up to the abuse of screwing and unscrewing tanks throughout it's lifetime.

I was able to fix that SMOK mag, and it did last some time. Eventually I ended up dropping it again and tearing up the tank. I have just recently got another mod, and mostly using another brand that holds 4 cells. I am not sure if I will get another SMOK brand, but I will continue to fix them for my friends and forum readers.

Are you having the SMOK blues as well? Share your experience here.

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When I plug my prince stick in to charge, the charge indicator light starts blinking rapidly, and doesn't seem to be charging.  Ideas?