Cease Using tobacco: Facet Outcomes – Stop Cigarette smoking Throughout Quarantine

Do you want to stop smoking? Do you need assist, guidelines & support or want to find out about the side effects or how to do it? Let us do it with each other! Join us in these eight episodes and discover about the aspect consequences, how to give up and what to do when you wrestle and grave for a cigarette.

Day two: In this episode, we demonstrate you our struggle and what we really feel, how we manage the aspect outcomes and get handed by means of the 1st day without cigarette smoking

We made the decision to quit cigarette smoking after twenty five many years, for the duration of quarantine and have to stay house.
We would like to help other individuals with the very same battle.
During this week we will present you how we did it, share valuable information about the rewards, side consequences, why we give up and give guidance to these who share our struggle.

Stick to us in our initial week and see how we cope. You can also check out out our channel for above 260 journey video’s from more than fifty diverse nations:


1) Introduction (Why we smoke, why we stop, motivations and how we stop)

2) Our final cigarette & 11 suggestions for when you grave for a cigarette

three) Facet results and how it outcomes us

4) Breaking routines

5) More aspect consequences & how much cash we have commit on cigarettes

6) Side outcomes of having the wrong dosis of nicotine patches

7) How to get free support from your physician

eight) Critical ideas for quitting & conclude conclusion

8.5) 12 guidelines to calm down when in want for nicotine



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