If you have owned a SMOK vape device, and you are always on the move or take your device with you; I bet you have had this loose tank issue at least once. Personally, I have had this issue with 5 different devices! I have owned quite a few SMOK devices such as the Alien, Mag, T-Priv and X-Priv and every one of SMOK’s designs always suffer from poor 510 design. I did a write-up on how to replace the 510 with one that contains a threaded fitting, and lock nut but for some users this may be too much to tackle (soldering, etc).

There is another way to fix the issue, and with some careful future operation it will last for quite awhile. It requires you to have a small torx screwdriver in order to remove the screws from the top of the unit, most people who are DIY oriented have probably ordered mobile phone replacement kits or other electronic kits, and these torx screwdrivers can easily be found in those. Otherwise, you can visit the link below this paragraph for an uber cheap option that I have also tried.

Tool Mule is a handy screwdriver that stores the bits in the top cap, and it spins as well. Very handy!

Alright, so what you need to do once you have the correct screwdriver and/or bit is to first remove the tank, and batteriesand then remove all of the small screws in the top of the mod unit. Make sure you use a magnet or small cup to retain all these tiny screws.

Next, you should be able to pull the top plate away from the mod box, but be gentle because it has two wires attached to the 510 adapter. You will need to get a pair of pliers and then press the 510 connector onto the copper ring that is retaining the connector on the metal plate. It’s a cheap and simple brass ring that was press-fit in the factory. After some use, this ring becomes worn, and it becomes loose.

Once you have pressed the 510 connector as far as you can into the brass ring with your pliers, you should get some strong epoxy that can handle heat and is also dielectric such as a two part epoxy, apply some to the 510 connector below the copper ring, and let dry.

Once the epoxy is dry, put the mod unit back together in the same order you took it apart and give it a test! This method has worked for me before and it works great until you knock the 510 tank connector loose in this copper ring again. Good luck!