How to grow to a satisfied non-smoker | NASIA DAVOS | TEDxUniversityofPiraeus

Nasia is a qualified NLP practitioner and daily life coach and her motivation in supplying this speech is to make every person in the viewers comprehend the indicating of addictions and how can we conquer them.

Nasia is a qualified NLP practitioner and life coach , Time Line Treatment Practitioner and Hypnotherapy Practitioner. She developed a distinctive programme named «Smoking Cessation Formula» which is a mix in between engineering and 3 psychological strategies: NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMING (NLP) , COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL Therapy (CBT) and NEUROSCIENCE. Its goal is to support folks permanently stop using tobacco , with out utilizing any substitutes this sort of as niccotine gums. This programme has a 85% accomplishment percentage and her objective is to make absolutely everyone in the audience realize the which means of addictions and how can we get over them.

This talk was provided at a TEDx event making use of the TED meeting structure but independently arranged by a neighborhood local community. Understand a lot more at