How To Quit Using tobacco With NICORETTE® QuickMist®

NICORETTE® QuickMist® is a stop smoking mouth spray that offers fast aid from cravings. Discover how you can properly get the entire positive aspects of NICORETTE®.

Uncover NICORETTE® QuickMist® right here:

Anytime you have the urge to smoke, use NICORETTE® QuickMist® as a smoking cigarettes cessation assist. Use up to 2 sprays at a time, four sprays an hour and up to 64 sprays a day.

If you are employing QuickMist® for the 1st time, you’ll have to primary the pump prior to spraying to get the full nicotine dosage. Stick to these actions to use QuickMist® properly to stop smoking cigarettes for great:

one. Slide the black button down, thrust it inward, and slide your thumb up right up until the leading of the dispenser locks into place.
2. Stage the nozzle away from you and push the top firmly till a mist seems. Now your Nicorette QuickMist® is prepared to use.
three. Open your mouth and press the leading of the dispenser firmly when, while avoiding your lips and the back again of your throat. Make sure not to inhale it.
four. Wait around a few seconds prior to swallowing.
5. Use a 2nd spray if your craving doesn’t go absent in a couple of minutes.
6. When you are accomplished, slide the button down, drive inwards, push down and launch.

In the first two weeks, you will need to have 1-2 sprays every thirty minutes to an hour. Decrease sprays by 50% toward the finish of week 9. From weeks 10-twelve, spray two-4 instances a day until you really don’t want any at all.

Following watching this video clip, consult a health care professional or go to for much more data.

To be sure this solution is correct for you, often study and stick to the label.