Our favorite DIY E-Juice of the month is one that we have been using as an all day vape for months, and we wanted to share it with our visitors who may already do DIY E-Juice or are thinking about it. This flavor is one of the best I have ever tried, it has a great strawberry and vanilla flavor, and on the exhale the strawberry is strong. It’s great for a shake and vape, but it is always at it’s best after at least a week of steep time. Anyone who appreciates creamy vanilla and strawberries will love this flavoring, I have been making it for my friends for a long time! I usually run my SMOK Prince Tank with the 0.4 ohm coil at about 38 watts to 40 watts, although you may prefer to increase wattage to get a stronger strawberry hit.

The juice is said to be an internal leak of Cutw**d Unicorn Milk, whether this is true or not is unknown yet very debated in the DIY E-Juice recipes website. Tons of people have given this juice a high rating, and you can check the reviews on the DIY-eliquid site by clicking here.

Below we have shared a screenshot of the recipe from the website, you will find the percentage for the base and the measurements for each flavoring. I use Nicotine Salts that are PG based, just remember to adjust according to your nicotine MG%. If you need to know where to buy the flavors, leave a comment. Let us know what you think of the flavor!