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Title: American bee journal
Identifier: americanbeejourn45hami
Year: 1861 (1860s)
Topics: Bee tradition Bees
Publisher: [Hamilton, Ill. , etc. , Dadant &amp Sons]
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666 THE AMERICAN BEE JOURNAL Sept. 21, 1905 (T = TXix. f}asi^s aftcrtl^oucjl^ts The &quot Previous Trustworthy &quot witnessed through New and Unreliable Glasset,, By E. E. Hastt, Sta. B. Rural, Toledo, Ohio. J The Honet-Eatebs’ League. Sure, &quot Illinois,&quot hurrah for the Honey- Eaters’ League to maintain the Honey-Producers’ League straight, and to see to it that honey, authentic but inadequate, is duly fed out to the bees, and not eaten by guy. Webpage 537. No Harm to Try to eat Wax in Honey. Dr. Bohrer says some excellent issues on webpage 538 but I can’t second his advice to fritter away advertising to explain to the public that wax is not digestible. However not digestible it doesn’tdo a little bit of harm—and is ideal for the ingesting even of a risen Christ. Bran is on the borders of indigestibility, and however most medical professionals would like us to have it remaining in our food instead of bolted out. And bran is capable of irritating some delicate stomachs, as wax looks not to be. Staokiko Up Sections of Honey fob FnBTHER Ripening. So Doolittle, in stacking sections, places strips amongst the courses to assist the inter- circulation of air. Without doubt good—and not so significantly difficulty as it seems to be to be, after a single has onee gotten the strips. With some people the strips would be spoiled, or fifty percent spoiled, when desired for a 2nd employing but almost certainly people people would greater do some- factor else than preserve bees. Web page 539. Bees Scperseding Qdeens. And here’s a good concept of C. P. Dadant’s: If a queen is really prolific the staff will swiftly notice it when she starts to are unsuccessful, and rear an additional to supersede her. But if she has been a inadequate 1 all her lifestyle they may not pay out interest when she turns into relatively poorer. Webpage 540. Coloration of Hair and a Day’s Function. Is that unusual assertion a simple fact, Dr. Millerl Are unable to inform by the coloration of a man’s hair how huge a day’s perform he can do? Say, now. I’m very confident I could do a even bigger day’s work be- fore my hair received to be white. Webpage 543. &quotHoney-Butter.&quot So &quothoney-butter&quot is what it is, ehl I consider that is a very great name for it—if it will take. Probably to make some men and women believe it is a nurture of honey with one thing else— but I will not know as the mistake is probably to do any excellent damage. Webpage 547. Controlling a Balled Queen. Excepting the people &quot born with a silver spoon in the mouth &quot we mainly will not have a tablespoon at hand to use when we suddenly uncover a queen in jeopardy in a ball of indignant bees. I ought to rather suggest a few of chips or section-sides to raise the ball with. And I ought to say, Never danger your bare hand. Dumping the ball into h2o looks to be the normal way. Alas, water is really typically not at hand. Thanks to Dr. Miller for the infor- mation that I’enj mindful cigarette smoking with cooi smoke does not endanger the queen much much more than water does. It really is a dire predicament, and one must not expect to preserve her each time by any methods. Webpage 549. Will not Extract Honey from Combs with Brood. From the Northwestern individuals I would have preferred to see a little much more sq.-up-and-down condemnation of the abominable follow of extracting honey from combs with brood in them. The common drift was in opposition to it—but we do not want to drift from cannibalism and this sort of factors if we find them even now extant. Web page 552. Do Bees Move EgqsI Proof of bees carrying eggs from one area to another is of fascination (If we could get it), but to find an egg in a previously mentioned an excluder is barely positive evidence. Much more most likely that a laying employee did it. Laying employees are not to be anticipated in a tremendous in which a queen is laying below, but there iiiighl be an exception. When an egg is becoming layed in sticks routinely where ever it is touched towards the mobile. But to make it stick in a new location following it will get dry once—that’s a rub that I guess bees never ever defeat. To go the minute larva right after the egg hatches is easier—and the evidence is more loads that they from time to time do it. Page 555. Mailing Laying Queens. I would offer you this improvement on the planning of a weighty and prolonged laying queen for journey by mail. First make a nucleus of the body she is located on, and preserve her there for a working day or two. Then put the nucleus back in which it arrived from and cage the queen. Preserve her 24 hrs and then Fend. This will be gradual cessation of laying. It may possibly be that sudden cessation is capable of doing some harm with no any jolting. Webpage .565.

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Conducted by Emma M. Wilson, Marengo, 111. Not All the Sections Essential When Mr. York was at Marengo, July 4, he thought the total of the 26,000 sections may possibly be needed not that all would be loaded, for usually much more sections are place on than are rilled. But the bees balked two or 3 weeks afterwards, leaving a large great deal of sections that have been in no way place on the hives. Fulitr repurt later on. Outwitting Snealc-Thlef Boys with Bee-Hives Dear Skip Wilson:—I have go through so a lot of exciting reviews and exp’jriences, and had a amount of fantastic helps by way of the Ameri. can Bee .Journal and you, that it truly looks as if you and I were acquainted. Nevertheless, I scarcely believe we would recognize every other on the avenue should we happen to meet, do you? This time I am not going to request any ques- tions, but have had numerous activities that I believed probably you may like to hear. We stay in the heart of the greatest home district of a city of about one zero five.000 people. We have the greatest grounds about, with one ex- ception, and the area has a great offer of fruit of all sorts on it, specifically apples. It has baen the conundrum of many years to hold boys absent from apple-trees in the metropolis. Virtually every one has given up in despair, and enable the boys have the apples so help save the annoyance and hassle of currently being up at three a.m. and maintaining an uninterrupted vigil all day, only to gel up the following morning and find some one has har- vested your fruit before you arose by the light of the moon. We attempted keeping a bulldog, and different other techniques to help save the fruit. But the canine was poisoned, and the other methods proved worthless right after a demo. All at once a single day my eye came on an write-up about bees, in the newspaper, and being usually intrigued in bees Ihrougli becoming so fond of the honey, I study the report. It was on the routines of b: e?, and other things that to a bee-keeper are so typical. But currently being an uninitiated a single at that time the article seemed so great that, on considering it over, the thought transpired to me, Why would not the bees hold absent the troublesome boys? That was the beginning, in the late summer of 1903. I sent for &quot A B C of Bee Tradition,&quot and analyzed all winter, and engaged bees for the spring. The end result is we have not been bothered at all with boys because 1 small group of boys meddled with the hives by throwing apples at them and were stung. 1 boy tells all the relaxation, and they &quot keep off.&quot I surprise it any 1 else has ever held bees for this pur- pose, and if they have been as productive. Only yesterday the boys ended up attempting to steal the ripe peaches from our best tree. It is loaded with fantastic fruit, and absent from the bees considerably. I had a pair of vacant hives, and we set those empty hives right un- der the peach-tree, with harmless but good final results. For our very own home, at minimum, I appear- ingly have solved the very challenging purchase difficulty to my gratification. I have a colony below every single tree of the choicest fruit, and the common dread and terror of bees makes other individuals (as nicely as boys) hold a risk-free distance away. Since trying to keep bees the last two summers, and obtaining out some of their behavior, and the ways to take care of them, I usually wonder why so a lot of people are so mortally frightened of bees that they can not go into a most enjoyable and rewarding (following understanding the ins and outs) organization. I am a youthful organization woman, and bees and audio are my only recreations. My audio I study early in the early morning, and my bees each and every evening when I get residence from the office. I also experienced the knowledge of catching a unusual (the initial one particular I ever dealt with alone) swarm of bees very last Eummer They ended up cling- ing from a limb of an oak-tree about ten ft from the ground. I have the bees nonetheless. All the neighbors (for it is thickly settled all around us) ended up so terrified at the swarm of bees they dared not open up the display doorway, and sent for the avenue inspector to eliminate them. He arrived and &quot dared not do it,&quot and went away. For two days this swarm hung just before I located it out. I was out in the backyard when a passing teamster instructed me about the swarm of bees, and viewing the hives questioned it they ended up mine. I told him they ended up not. &quot You can get that swarm it you know how,&quot he stated. I informed him I did not want to steal even a swarm of bees. &quot You require not be concerned. The complete neighborhood is scared to dying, and prepared to spend to have them eliminated.&quot So I went more than, with the previously mentioned end result. 1 identified out about the inspector following capturing the bees, and he was drastically relieved, as he &quot dast not.&quot and could not, or did not care to discover any 1 who &quotdast.&quot I experienced plenty of enjoyable and an knowledge tnat never occur often to 1 who has usually lived in a metropolis. Final yr was a really inadequate honey-yr, and this 12 months worse but. There have been quantities of clover blossoms, but so a lot rain and this sort of cold weather conditions the bees could not function. I believe I will average about 25 pounds of honey for every colony, and considering the weather and my inexperience, coupled with obtaining to transfer 3 out of 5 colonies very last spring, I have accomplished as nicely as I could count on for a single who makes bee-retaining a secondary occupation. And I have experienced all varieties of good instances amongst them, and several a excellent laugh, as men and women that knew nothing at all of bees created a remark or requested concerns. The American Bee Journsl is a paper which is as needed in bee-trying to keep as a dishpan to housekeeping. I have been on the position of bothering you feveral occasions, and I’d say to myself, &quot I will hold out until the Journal arrives, and probably I can assist myself out,&quot and, certain

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