Smok Magazine Package Overview

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What is actually likely on guys It truly is Angel from Discount Vape Pen. Right now I received yet another item evaluation for you guys. The latest and finest from Smok. I have the Mag Package. Which also attributes their most recent tank which is the TFV12 prince. We are gonna get up near and personal. I’m heading to demonstrate you everything that arrives in a box. We are gonna discuss a tiny about it.
Alright fellas we are up close now. I’m gonna show you precisely what you get in the box. Acquired your common Smok packaging below. We have your mag on best. Really nice mod. You can Inform it really is very powerful, made very well. Underneath the box, you are gonna have your manuals, then you are gonna have your spare coil, extra gaskets and have your spare glass, have a cable for updates as properly as charging. You get a tiny resource listed here this is rather considerably just to tighten the screws on listed here just in case something will come loose. You might be gonna have your tank as effectively. Just heading to put it with each other for you. this is fairly significantly how it seems in the hand. It really is actually wonderful in the hand.
Now we are gonna chat about a minor bit about the system. I said prior to you’re gonna get the most recent tank from them as properly. This is the TFV12 prince. It really is gonna occur with this nice custom made drip tip. You’re not gonna see this fairly considerably on any of their other tanks. You are gonna have your up wattage or down wattage. You might be gonna have your hearth button. The only big difference about this is you have a button to get your batteries out. So, you’re gonna strike this button right here it’s gonna launch your battery. its labeled for a optimistic and unfavorable that is really nice. That’s gonna slide into there, it’s gonna continue to be in there at your cost port as effectively as your updates, then plug into there. That’s pretty significantly it fellas there is not also significantly to speak about it. You do get an additional five watts with this one particular this is a 225 watt most of their mods are 220. Get a small little bit a lot more wattage. Exact same menu display. Everything you are used to seeing on smok’s you are gonna see. You electrical power it up now display you what the display screen seems to be like.
Smok welcome display screen. Five clicks turn it on. And you got your standard display, go up in wattage, go down a few clicks will get you into their menu, to modify your wattage, temperature manage, modify all types of items obtained a puff counter on there that’s your shade for the track record, on and off. You acquired a bunch of settings on this if you happen to be used to smok products you’re gonna adore it so we’re gonna get the very same menu.
Alright guys that was our initial look at the smok magazine kit. Once again, if you liked what you noticed in this online video give us the thumbs up. Hit the subscribe button and examine us out at