Ask anyone in the vape community what the most important aspects of a quality vape are and it’s likely they’ll include two key dynamics: compatibility and efficiency. When it comes to the Smok Stick Prince and Smok V8 Stick, you get a sophisticated design and the standard of quality that any avid vaper will swear by. 

Unfortunately with such a conveniently compact design, even the best vapes can come across problems. Yes, the Smok Stick Prince and Smok Stick V8 kits are awesome for carrying around in your pocket but this comes with a cost after they’re beaten around in your pockets for too long. At Fix Smok Vape, we don’t believe you should have to compromise the use of such great kits because of general wear and tear after prolonged use.  For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of some common issues that arise with the Smok stick series, and how to fix them.

My LED Light Keeps Flashing?


After screwing on the tank and pressing the fire button, the LED simply flashes red. What’s going on?


First, you’ll want to remove the tank from the mod and open the tank to check coil tightness. Were you able to tighten it up? If so, try the mod again. If this did not fix the issue, try removing the tank again but take it completely apart this time.

Next, you’ll want to clean the tank with hot water and soap, giving attention to the threads especially. It’s also important to make sure you clean up the electrical contact in the bottom base of the tank.

Still nothing? As a last ditch effort, you should try another tank if you have a replacement on hand.

LED Indicator is Flashing Even More! Like, 15 Times!


This is happening because the mod is detecting voltage below 3.2v. This is not enough power to fire the either the Prince or V8 mod kits and has caused the enabled under-voltage protection function to activate.  


First off, you should check your battery to ensure it is fully charged. If the battery is fully charged, there is a chance that your battery could be worn out or possibly even a counterfeit.

If a new battery that is fully charged does not fix this problem, you could have an issue inside the mod where you are shorting out the cell causing a dangerous situation. The voltage detection inside the mod could also be broken, send it back to SMOK for warranty repairs.

What if the Stick Mod Isn’t Firing?


Your Prince or V8 kit won’t fire when attempting to use.


You should try hitting the fire button around 5 times within 2 seconds. In doing so, the LED should light up to signal you have turned on the mod. If the stick does not fire after doing this, you should verify your batteries are fully charged. If the LED flashes RED 5 times and automatically turns back off, there is a chance the batteries are not acceptable or the MOD has internal issues.


I Can’t Seem to Tighten the Tank?


 Upon trying to tighten down your tank on the 510 connector, it doesn’t tighten up and continues to spin.


First take a look at your tank. Are the threads damaged? If they are not, you have most likely broken the 510 connector‘s retaining ring.

The only permanent fix for this is to return it to SMOK for a replacement. It should be noted, though, that sometimes you can use a small pick to hold the base of your Smok Prince or Smok V8 kit while tightening down the tank. This will make it last for a little while.

Next time you remove the tank, it’s very likely that it will have the same problem. This is a particularly well-known issue with SMOK mod boxes. Take a look at our other post on SMOK 510 connector repair for more on this. There are some ways to open the larger MOD boxes to tighten up the 510, but we haven’t tried this on the STICK mods ourselves.

The Tank is Stuck on the Stick Mod?

Issue: The tank spins without loosening from the top of the mod, or you can’t be removed.


Unfortunately the SMOK 510 connector on mods such as the Prince and V8 kits is the weakest link. Not to mention the SMOK 510 connector is generally the first thing that breaks on a heavily used mod.  I bet you, as all of our vapers are, are really frustrated by this.  Heavy use shouldn’t result in problems with the SMOK 510 connector but it happens.

Try using some pliers on the tank to turn it. You may also try to jam something onto the 510 connector to keep it in place. Read some of our other posts about broken 510 connectors to learn the issue.


Keep Your SMOK Stick Prince and V8 Kits Going!

The SMOK Stick Prince and V8 Kits are some of the best mods out there.  Don’t let some of these common issues keep you from picking one up!  As always, you can browse our website for any SMOK stick that you’re looking for.  Pick one up today!  We recommend it.