Smokerlyzer Breath CO Screens to Support in Quit Using tobacco Clinics Introduction Video

A straightforward breath test with a Smokerlyzer® CO monitor will evaluate the ranges of toxic carbon monoxide (CO) inhaled from tobacco smoke. CO in by itself is harmful, as it reduces the volume of oxygen taken up by the human body, but it can also act as an indicator as to the possible stage of some four,000 harmful substances in cigarette smoke, sixty of which lead to most cancers.

The Smokerlyzer® variety of carbon monoxide (CO) displays and testers is utilized throughout smoking cessation programmes to give the smoker seen evidence of the damaging CO amounts and to aid motivate by charting the progress throughout the programme. All the devices are surgically non-invasive, lightweight, battery driven, simple to work and use hygienic low-cost disposable mouthpieces.

The Smokerlyzer® CO keep track of range is clinically established and has turn into the benchmark utilised throughout the entire world by wellness specialists working in smoking cessation programmes and investigation.