Compound Use Women and Guys
Differences in Marijuana Use Condition


develop problem far more quickly1
a lot more stress disorders2
much more worry attacks2


a lot more serious disorder1
a lot more antisocial individuality disorders2
a lot more of other substance use problems2
Prescription Pain Medicines
Girls are considerably less probably to misuse or abuse prescription ache medicines. 4 million females report earlier-12 months misuse. 5 million gentlemen report earlier-12 months misuse.

Determine two:

Treatment method for Sleeping Aid Misuse
Females are a lot more likely to find treatment method for misuse of barbiturates. Fifty-5 per cent of past-12 months treatment method admissions for barbiturate misuse are women. Forty-five p.c of previous-12 months remedy admissions for barbiturate misuse are guys.4

Quitting Nicotine
Nicotine replacement choices, these kinds of as the patch or gum, are considerably less effective for females than for men. Quit prices after six months on the nicotine patch had been p.c for women and % for males.five


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