One of the most important things you need to purchase when you decide to start using a vape device is the lithium ion batteries and battery charger. I have done the research, and I have used quite a few different lithium ion battery chargers even before vaping. Now I exclusively use the XTAR brand lithium charger, and I will talk about the reasons why below. The XTAR VC4 is the big brother to the XTAR VC2 with the main difference being the VC4 has 4 bay slots for charging 4 batteries, whereas the VC2 has only 2 slots. I own both, the XTAR VC2 stays in my travel bag and the XTAR VC4 stays at home on the counter due to it’s larger size.

Why choose XTAR VC4 Lithium Ion Charger?

First, the main thing I was looking for when researching lithium ion battery chargers was the safety features. Everywhere you look there are safety warnings about lithium ion cells and how they can explode if treated improperly. The XTAR VC4 has great safety features such as overload protection, reverse polarity protection and automatically stop charging when the batteries are full capacity. Plus during all of my research I didn’t come across any of those “OMG, My charger caught fire” stories like I have with other brands. Overall, the VC2 & VC4 have never had any safety issues over the last 2 years I have used them.

Secondly, the features that you get with the VC4 are pretty awesome. If you are into other electronic devices such as Flashlights, lasers or anything requiring lithium ion or Ni-Mh cells; you would usually need separate chargers for each size. The VC4 can handle all sizes of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries ranging from 10440 to 32650 as well as Ni-Mh cells. The wide outer channels allow you to fit large batteries easily. If you accidentally left your device on overnight, 0V activation can bring dead batteries back to life. Also the capability to charge different types of cells at the same time, so if you insert some Ni-Mh and Li-Ion the charger automatically detects battery power status and selects the appropriate voltage and charge mode. Plus the entire time you can view the LCD display which shows current, voltage, and capacity of charge.

And the last reason why I choose the XTAR VC4 Lithium Ion Battery charger is the PRICE! With the safety features and overall features of the device, the price of competing units was way more. It can be found and purchase four around 21$ or below with free shipping, if you are going to purchase please use our link below to support the site!

Overall, I will never need another lithium or Ni-Mh charger because these units have gone the distance. I have been using them daily for 2 years straight, and there has not been a single problem yet. I would recommend these chargers to any vape users, as well as other electronic enthusiasts.