SMOK devices were designed to help you quit smoking, so I suppose this option was intended to help you limit your usage. Who would want to reset puffs everytime they reach a limit though? A max puff isn’t going to stop you from clearing it and hitting it some more. Nonetheless you can remedy this and eliminate that problem.

Function of the “Puff” Menu:

This menu is designed to manage the vaping plan, it can help SMOK users to calculate the vaping puffs, setting personal planning.

When the vape remind for “max puff” or “puffs over”, it means the vaping puffs have reached the Maximum.

If you want to keep managing the vape puffs, do the following steps.

  1. Reset your Puff Setting to a higher value. If you number is at 150 puff and you are seeing max puff, turn the number up.
  2. You can press the Puff clear or Puff reset.
  3. Or you could set turn your Max Puff to never, which is recommended solution.